Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oops! Blooper time!

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TAT today is baby bloopers! I feel like I could post a kajillion of these! Little one loves to look all cute and as soon as I click the button she's off making some wacky face.

 This was cute to me...until I realized dogbert's licker there was about to go straight in her mouth. ...lovely.

"Please, please, no pictures"

We were trying to take a picture of her little mohawk but she just happened to yawn at the most perfect time.
"Yeahhh, rock on!!"

Literally all I can think when I see this picture: "Dang girl, hold up! I need them shoes!"

So let's see it!What photo bloopers do you have? Be sure to link up with Growing Up Geeky and check out all the photo mishaps!

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