Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Month Already??

Okay so I've had this typed up for a while and it's a little late but better late than never!

 Little Munch, I honestly can’t believe how fast a month went. I am just now starting to get life figured out as a mom. We've started to get a pretty good routine down and I have been blessed with such a good baby.

We had a little trouble trying to put on some weight in the beginning but it seems your little butt is growing more and more each day. Sometimes I look at you and wonder where my tiny baby went. (I know, I know, that is only going to get much much worse!) It’s so funny to see how you kind of almost fit into actual clothes now. For the life of me I couldn't find a pair of pants that would fit and I was too hesitant to buy anything that’d only fit for like a week but now I can put you in an actual outfit!

 You’re a power sleeper little one. Please promise Mommy that you’ll stay that way. I love only getting up at 3 & 7. Oh and a super snuggler too. You’re actually passed out on my chest as I type this. Adorable.

You love windows. I can’t wait till Spring/Summer when we can actually get you out there to play! We bounced and looked out the window for a while this morning and you were mesmerized.

You love music as well. It doesn't matter what kind. You love when I hold you up and dance and sometimes it even soothes you off to sleep.

Daddy and I are so very blessed to have you in our lives. Sure some times have been hard but you have brought so much joy to us and we couldn't imagine it any other way. Sometimes I wonder how we ever existed without our little girl. I look at your little face and I get so overwhelmed with emotions.

You look so serine when you’re sleeping and it’s amazing to me that right now you know no pain (except for a hunger pain! Or when you’re dirty!) But you don’t know what the world holds yet. It’s amazing to watch you explore and take in the world around you getting to know it and create your little personality.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and our growing little family! Daddy and I love you so very much!
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