Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disney Dreaming...

Even before I had munchie I’ve dreamed of taking my kids to Disney. Now that she is here those dreams have become full blown fantasies. I literally cannot wait. I would take her right now if I could. Travel obsessed mommy = dangerous. People think I am crazy to want to take someone so small but I really want to take her when she’s 18 months. In my opinion, this couldn’t be a more perfect time. So here are 10 reasons I can’t wait to take her and why it’d be such a great time to go. They might all run together, sorry!

#1: She wouldn’t need a ticket to the parks. Kids under 3 are free with an adult.

#2: She also wouldn’t need a ticket on the plane. Kids under 2 can ride on your lap. Sure it’s not the safest unfortunately but it is the cheapest.

#3: She wouldn’t be fully aware of some of the scarier rides. Some loud noises may be startling but she’d be able to go on most every ride (except for rollercoasters).

#4: How amazing will it be to watch her toddling along up to characters, getting pictures and autographs and giving hugs??

#5: Speaking of toddling…I love picturing her toddling her way up Main Street towards the castle. Picture perfect.

#6: Think of all the amazing memories you could create. Sure, she won’t remember them but take LOTS of photos and you will always remember seeing that smile and spending time as a family. The first haircut at Harmony's, the first time meeting Mickey, the smiles!

#7: Disney goes above and beyond for your little one. From pack’n’plays in the hotel room to my first visit buttons and the baby centers; they really know how to make a first visit special.

#8: PRINCESS DRESSES. That is all!

#9: A chance for a relaxing vacation at Disney. Every time I’ve been it is usually go go go. This time we would have a little one that would need naps and attention. It is a perfect chance to relax a little either at the parks, the pool, or back in the hotel room.

#10: A chance to stimulate that little brain with more than just peek-a-boo! What better experience to help that little one learn and grow??

So I know it’s kind of a crazy list but if you’re planning on taking your little one you need to have a totally different mindset. Go with the flow and let them lead the parade. I can’t wait for the day I get to see her face light up with excitement as she looks up at the castle or mickey or her favorite princess for the first time. Untill then I can just keep daydreaming. What do you think is a good age to take baby on vacation?
Focused on the Magic
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