PR Information

I am open to do product reviews, giveaways, and sponsors! To contact me on these things please e-mail me at

If you are interested in ad swapping please feel free to contact me!

I would love to review your product for you! I would prefer to do a giveaway along with it but it is not required. I will require a full-size non-returnable sample of the product being reviewed. If I am not satisfied with the product sent to me I will inform you ahead of time and we may decide the next actions. I would prefer to review/giveaway products which are relevant to my blog, readers, and family (27 year old female, 30 year old male, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 fish, and our little girl born in January 2013!).

We can work out the details of the giveaway but typical entries would include: Liking your page on facebook, Following your twitter, visiting your website, etc. It will also last for one week (unless otherwise discussed).

I have advertising space available on my sidebar!

Extra Large: 200x200 = $20/month
Large: 200x150 = $15/month
Medium: 200x100 = $10/month or $20/3 months
Small: 100x100 = $5/month or $10/3 months

Advertising Guidelines:
- No refunds
- Advertising rates are subject to change as my blog readership increases
- Your ad contract will begin on the day I receive your banner code unless otherwise discussed
- Billing is processed through Paypal and must be received before your ad is featured on the blog
- No adult content in ad or link
- Ads will run in order from extra large to small and will be rotated in each group throughout the month 

I reserve the right to refuse blogs/businesses that I do not believe are a good fit for me and my readers. Thank you!
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