Friday, July 26, 2013

Yochi Yochi Review & Giveaway!

Little one has been obsessed with her feet the past few weeks. And I mean, obsessed. Recently Yochi Yochi Shoes contacted me with the perfect solution to keep her happy and entertained for quite some time. Yochi Yochi makes the cutest socks and shoes and the best part? The socks have rattles in the toes and the shoes have squeakers in the heel!

As soon as I slipped them on her feet she began grabbing and exploring her toes. They are stretchy, soft, and I know she is going to be on the move soon and she will love these! I am hoping it will encourage her to keep trying and improve with her walking when the time comes. She will want to keep producing that silly sound and will need to take a step to keep it coming!

I personally am in love with these designs. I also like what a great safety feature they are. You will know where baby is and where baby is headed. The rattle isn't overly loud and obnoxious either which is awesome. They are available in a range of sizes and provide a sizing chart right on their website! Yochi Yochi is also generously offering one of their products to one of you lucky readers!

This is what I imagine her thinking every time she notices her feet.'s weird to photoshop a mustache on your six month old daughter? ...Well. Mother of the year. Because personally, I find it hilarious. Now. Enter to win some shoes or socks! Do it!
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*This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts & opinions are my own*

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Flag Wreath!

Recently I found a really fun little American pride craft. As previously shown here and here I have a super obsession with making wreaths for some reason. I found a fun little clothespin wreath idea in a magazine and of course I had to make it.

Supplies: 80 clothespins, red, white, and blue paint, red ribbon/bow, white stickers, 10 inch embroidery hoop

Paint 20 clothespins blue, 30 red, and 30 white
Place 20 blue in a row around hoop and attach stickers
Place red and white clothespins in groups of 4 or 5 around the remainder of the hoop
Attach Red bow and voila!

Another cool thing about this wreath? Just take the blue clothespins off, replace them with more red and white and you have a candy cane Christmas wreath!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working Mommas...

I give you serious credit. Sometimes, especially lately, I feel like I hardly ever see my family. I’m with little one all day but I still miss those times as a family. I hate having to pump and I hate missing bedtime. I do it though because I feel like I need to. That little extra cash is always nice. I think it really helps me cherish the times we have during the day, whether they are good or bad. 

It's just been nagging at me lately.  I think I'm just flat out exhausted and it is making everything else so much more difficult to handle. Blargh. I'm hoping I can catch a break soon (maybe take a little mini vacation from work) and recharge. (Hence why I haven't been around too much -- I get these big bursts of energy and time, plan things out, and then get burnt out. Boo!)

Oh, and I'm not saying staying home is a walk in the park either. I've got a mix of both and man, can it take a toll on you!

What keeps you momma's going? What are some of your ideas to recharge and refresh?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby's First Fourth!

I hope everyone had a very very happy 4th of July! And for those of you not in the U.S. I hope you had a happy Thursday! :] We had a lot of fun here playing, eating great food, enjoying the amazing weather, and spending time with family! I promise I have lots of fun goodies and posts coming your way! I've been working an insane amount lately and haven't had much time to myself. I've been exhausted.

How did you spend your 4th of July and what's your favorite thing to do? Have any awesome traditions?

Oh and can you please please please vote for Munch? It'd mean the world to me and you can vote once a day! Thanks!!
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