Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm (NOT) Pregnant!

As (pretty much) all of you know, I do not currently have a child nor am I expecting but with my husband and I *relatively* planning out the next few years of our lives I have been thinking of what will happen when I do get pregnant. I didn’t realize how much there is to think about! How to decorate, where to put the nursery, moving?, budget (Yes, I am already beginning to acquire baby things!...(I’m not weird…)),

I just HADDD to have a few things…

find out or not find out!, names, (I guess these are all things I can figure out when I’m actually pregnant…(Maybe I am weird…))  How do we tell people?! A lot of people do creative things to tell friends, family, etc. that they are expecting. I figure it’s never too early to begin thinking of cute ideas. Giving gifts, wearing a shirt that says “Future Sabres fan” with a little arrow to my belly and see who notices. When I was born I guess my grandma had said she was going to move into my parents extra bedroom. My dad said she could have it but only for a few months because someone else would be moving in!

So I know I’m a little ahead of myself here and apparently, according to this post, I like run-on sentences and dislike grammar, but how did you tell your family and friends that you were/are expecting?? Trying to plan the perfect time and way to tell everyone doesn’t always work out, sometimes it just happens! Link up or comment and let us know how it happened for you!

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