Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Challenge

Day 12 - Sunset (My parents have the best place for sunsets!)

Day 13 - Yourself with 13 things (10 apples, pumpkin, rolling pin, and spatula! Ready to make some apple pie!)

Day 14 - Eyes

Day 15 - Silhouette (Cheat! Took this a few months ago on my honeymoon!)

Day 16 - Long Exposure (Not the best, but ghosts!)

Day 17 - Technology (I love my video games!!)


Staci said...

woah what was your set-up for the long exposure pics??

Staci said...

also, i think next time we're up we need to go to your parents' for a photoshoot :)

Onna said...

I will hold you to that photoshoot idea :] My parents would totally love it! Anyway, for the long exposure pic, I had my camera on my tripod, (I can't remember exact camera settings, but according to the computer...) I had f/22, ISO-100, and 30 sec exposure time. My flash also went off in the beginning which was an accident but I ended up liking it. I tried to count every 10 seconds and I would throw a towel over the lens, move the ghost, and then take the towel off but I apparently can't count that well. haha.

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