Friday, March 4, 2016

Let's Play!

With spring (finally!) upon us I have been looking for some fun activities for little one and I to enjoy outside and out and about. Here’s some ideas that I’ve found and I’d love input from you as well! What do you love to do with little one when things get a little boring around the house??

There is of course the normal visit to the zoo, the park, the farm, take a walk, etc. but here’s some other ideas I’ve found!

1)      Geocaching! I love going out and geocaching with my little one. She might not fully get it yet but it is fun to wander around outside with her while getting good exercise and fresh air!
2)      Scavenger Hunt! Take a camera with you and take pictures of things you find. Here’s a sample list:
a.        a rock
b.    a pinecone
c.    a stick
d.    a person wearing a hat
e.    a certain kind of leaf
f.     a stop sign
g.    a truck
3)      Sidewalk chalk fun! This is an easy way to incorporate learning with outside. You can draw multiple letters or numbers and spell things out by jumping from letter to letter or play a color game like musical chairs but with specific colors.
4)      Gardening. We started this inside with a small planter but a lot of kids love playing in the dirt so why not learn a little about the growing process in the mean time? This also teaches great responsibility by having to weed and water and take care of the plants! You could even create a little fairy garden! You could also make a watering can with an old milk jug.
5)      Create an obstacle course! I actually love this one for a larger group.
6)      Have fun with shadows! Chase them, draw them, watch the way they move/appear/disappear.
7)      Make bubble paint pictures! Blowing bubbles is fun so blowing bubbles onto paper to create paintings is fun too! Just add some food coloring to the bubble solution to create colored swirls!
8)      Build a wind chime. This can be fun to use lots of recycled items like bells, jar lids, and washers to create some music with the wind.
9)      Create an outside bistro or shop for lunch! Create a menu, set a table, and have fun pretending!
10)   Make birdfeeders! You could first gather pinecones and use peanut butter or you could make popsicle ones and decorate them however you’d like! (I can’t wait to do this one!)
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