Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Working Mommas...

I give you serious credit. Sometimes, especially lately, I feel like I hardly ever see my family. I’m with little one all day but I still miss those times as a family. I hate having to pump and I hate missing bedtime. I do it though because I feel like I need to. That little extra cash is always nice. I think it really helps me cherish the times we have during the day, whether they are good or bad. 

It's just been nagging at me lately.  I think I'm just flat out exhausted and it is making everything else so much more difficult to handle. Blargh. I'm hoping I can catch a break soon (maybe take a little mini vacation from work) and recharge. (Hence why I haven't been around too much -- I get these big bursts of energy and time, plan things out, and then get burnt out. Boo!)

Oh, and I'm not saying staying home is a walk in the park either. I've got a mix of both and man, can it take a toll on you!

What keeps you momma's going? What are some of your ideas to recharge and refresh?
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