Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Flag Wreath!

Recently I found a really fun little American pride craft. As previously shown here and here I have a super obsession with making wreaths for some reason. I found a fun little clothespin wreath idea in a magazine and of course I had to make it.

Supplies: 80 clothespins, red, white, and blue paint, red ribbon/bow, white stickers, 10 inch embroidery hoop

Paint 20 clothespins blue, 30 red, and 30 white
Place 20 blue in a row around hoop and attach stickers
Place red and white clothespins in groups of 4 or 5 around the remainder of the hoop
Attach Red bow and voila!

Another cool thing about this wreath? Just take the blue clothespins off, replace them with more red and white and you have a candy cane Christmas wreath!
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