Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Friends and Family!

Being a mom, it has become increasingly important to get out and do things from time to time either with baby or without. Happy Monday is all about happy friends. Last week we went out with some (family) friends and headed out to a farm. We walked around and looked at the baby animals and had a blast!

Spring is the best time to go to a farm. …I mean just look how stinking cute this little lamb is! Adorable and I totally want one. Oh, and nursing piglets! Hey, they can do it in public we should be able to too! Hehehe. Look how cute the mom is cuddling up with the two in her arms.

Little one may have slept the entire time but at least we got out and got some fresh air. I’ve noticed cabin fever can really stink after just having a baby. Sometimes you get so caught up with your new life that you forget there's still a great big world out there going about their day to day. 3 months later and I’m forcing myself to get out and be active. 

What kinds of things do you enjoy doing to get out of the house with a new baby? (Especially when the weather is nice?) - I need some more ideas!!
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