Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Ornaments!

Here are some Christmas ornaments I have made for our tree!

We went with a fake one this year (It was SO easy to set up!) It looks a little scarce but I think it's because the cat keeps climbing it and pushing all the branches down! I'm more of a real tree person but I do enjoy the low maintenance...What about you? Real or Fake?

Crayola Clay Ornaments:
To make these I simply took some white crayola clay (Any clay would work, even model magic!) and used cookie cutters to cut out Christmas shapes. I also used some stamps to add a little something to them. I should have done colored ink to make them stand out but there's always next time. Put a little hole in the top and let them dry!

Once dry string a ribbon through and hang!

Glitter ornaments:

These have been all over pinterest and they are SUPER easy!

Simply take Pledge Future floor wax and pour it into a glass ornament. Make sure it coats the inside and pour out the extra. Then pour the glitter in doing the same. Swirl it around until it coats the inside. Then replace the top! So Super easy!

Sense they are glass I also decided to try some glass etching on them and I love it! Simply brush the product on, wait however long it says (I can't remember this second) and wipe off!

Paper Star Ornament:

This is a little twist on the paper ornament I've seen on pinterest. I took our wedding program, cut it into strips, and folded it into paper stars. (Don't know how? Don't worry, neither did I! I used a tutorial found here!)

Some Other Ornaments on our tree this year:

What does your tree look like this year? What personal touches have you added?

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