Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are you a Nursing Momma?

I was skeptical of this bra at first. I hate most nursing bras. They don't fit right, they are uncomfortable, and just don't feel secure. Luckily I was able to try this Mamaway Nursing Bra and it has forever changed my outlook on them. I never need to be concerned about a nip slip or etc in public. It is so comfortable and really stretches with you. I like that you can adjust the different sizes because lets be real, it matters a lot. There is no underwire but you still feel super supported.

I like that the pads can be taken in or out and the clip can be easily undone with one hand. The clip also fits well against your skin. I have used ones that itch or come apart too easily or etc but this one is perfect. It’s quick and easy and makes nursing a whole lot easier without having to move things around and pull your whole bra down and etc. I also really like the choice of colors it is available in.

I love it and will definitely be purchasing more to wear throughout pregnancy, nursing, and probably afterwards as well.
 I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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