Friday, May 24, 2013

That's a Wrap! ...A Boba Wrap That Is!

I have become increasingly obsessed with baby-wearing so when Boba generously offered to let me review one of their wraps I was overjoyed. I will admit, my first thought when I opened the package was something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, what did I get myself into?” There was a bunch of fabric and I just looked at it like “This carries my baby how?”. I didn’t realize how super easy the whole wrapping process was! Plus, it’s like riding a bike; once you do it once, it gets so much easier every time after that and if you ever need help there’s all sorts of resources online right on the Boba website. I will admit I still have a few difficulties and didn’t realize in these pictures that I should have spread the fabric out more over my shoulders but now that we’re home we’ve been babywearing around the house so I can get some things done and it’s making more and more sense every time I put the wrap on.

Recently we were on a trip to Toronto and visited Casa Loma so my awesome pictures are from this gorgeous castle! We were lucky because we walked there and thought the place was stroller friendly. …it was not. So, we busted the wrap out and Munchkin loved it! I think it made her feel a lot more in the action. She was up and involved with us at our level and could observe and interact with things better than if she was stuck in her stroller.

I still (out of force of habit) hold her close when our picture is taken but I really need to realize I don’t need to when she’s wrapped. The fabric is just breathable enough but still feels snug and comfortable. It has a stretch to it so you have to get used to not leaving much slack for baby. It’s taken me a few tries and will probably take me a few more to get it just right. It’ll stretch right over baby from newborn to 18 months. I also love how it’s a one size fits all carrier! The fabric length and stretch means that just about anyone can use it. ...even while breastfeeding! It hides everything perfectly and can be very discreet.

The Boba wrap comes in a huge variety of colors and are only $38 on the Boba website!
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