Monday, October 15, 2012

My top 5 favorite fall fashions!

Let's talk fall fashion shall we? I am obsessed. The weather is becoming crisp. The leaves are changing. For some reason there's just something about fall. Maybe it's the apples? I do love me some Honeycrisp!

Some reasons I love fall fashion:
1) Scarves. Guilty. I absolutely love wearing scarves.

2) Sweaters & hoodies. They're just too dang comfy.
Source: via Onna on Pinterest

3) Dark nail polish. The reds, purples, browns. Currently rocking a dark red/purple color myself.
Source: via Onna on Pinterest

4) Leggings. I'm guilty of loving these as well. I really need to get one of those cute winter pairs.
Source: via Onna on Pinterest

5) Boots! I couldn't live without my boots. Generally in fall and winter, this is my go-to look. Black shirt, scarf, jeggings, and black boots.

Source: via Onna on Pinterest

So...what are some of your favorite fall fashions and what is your fall fashion staple you can't live without?
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