Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cookies’n’Cream Cupcakes!

If you couldn’t tell already, I love to bake. If I have a day off it is one of my favorite things to do. Lately I’ve been into cupcakes so bare with me while I splurge about these scrumptious things! This recipe was adapted from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.


-          1 box of white cake mix (I used Pillsbury)
-          1 stick butter
-          1 cup water
-          3 eggs
-          Package of oreos

-          13 oz jar Marshmallow Crème (I used fluff)
-          1 stick butter
-          ¼ teaspoon vanilla
-          4 tablespoons heavy cream
-          1 & ½ cups powdered sugar

-          4 sticks butter
-          ¼ cup heavy cream
-          2 teaspoons vanilla
-          8 cups powdered sugar
-          15 crushed oreos, very finely
-          Mini oreos for topping

Step 1) Preheat oven to 350 and place Oreo in the bottom of each liner.
Step 2) Combine cake mix, eggs, butter, & water. Fill liners 2/3 full & bake for 20 minutes.

For Filling:
Step 1) Combine marshmallow crème, butter, heavy cream, & vanilla. Slowly add powdered sugar and mix. Refrigerate until used.
Step 2) To fill the cupcakes I used a small Wilton tip & piped it through the top.

For Frosting:
Step 1)Mix butter, cream, & vanilla. Add powdered sugar.
Step 2) Add in crushed oreos.
Step 3) Pipe frosting on cupcakes & top with mini Oreo if want.

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